Call it a premonition from the ski-gods if you like, but as Matt pondered on the restrictions of the snowboard and the lack of comfort from ski boots, he realized that by merging the 2 globally celebrated snow disciplines together, something revolutionary could be created. He imagined what it would be like to ski on a snow blade wide enough to accommodate a snowboard binding.

A self starting type of guy, rather than waiting for his dream snow sport product to be created by someone else, Matt decided to make it happen himself. Once back on British soil and in the confines of his kitchen, Matt blindly began to pull apart and reconstruct a plethora of snowboards and skis to create the perfect prototype, marking the start of FATblades.

Manipulating 2 kid’s snowboards to give them the shape of skis but with a fatter width for stability, Matt took them for a rather rough test drive down the slopes of Villars, Switzerland. Bumpy, awkward and less than smooth, the ride wasn’t idyllic but that first ride was enough to confirm that his initial dream would become a reality to revolutionize and fill the void within snow sports industry.

Fast forward to 2014 and after years of prototypes, engineering and testings on the slopes with snowboarders and skiers from around the world, FATblades has been developed into the new option for snow sports…

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