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ABOUT FATBLADES For the skier, it’s the age old issue of an over-engineered ski boot. Uncomfortable to wear whether attached to skis or not, the flexibility of the skier on and off the slopes is restricted due to the ski boot’s rigid structure and therefore, inflexibility to join the all-important Apres ski action within snow sports culture. Changing into bar-friendly shoes is one way around this, but whilst your snowboarding mates are already making their first order at the bar, whilst you’re struggling to de-ski boot yourself outside, in a blizzard, really isn’t the one. Then again, for most of us having 2 feet clamped in a fixed position isn’t ideal either. The snow community were calling out for a solution to each disciplines’ inconvenience. FATblades was born. SKI WITH THE COMFORT OF
FATblades are a revolutionary ski product, created to merge the freedom and comfort of the snowboarder and the performance and variation of the skier. Basing the silhouette on the shape of the ski, each blade is wide enough to take a snowboard binding less than 16cm in width which in turn gives the user the flexibility of wearing snowboard boots. Using a mould to shape the FATblade, each design has been calculated to achieve maximum stability, performance and flexibility of speed and turnings resulting in an innovative design that lends itself to a multitude of abilities and styles of skiing on a global scale.

Slide ON THE GO FATblades are extremely easy to use and their revolutionary measurements make them short enough to fit in a back-pack. The same snowboard boots and bindings can then be easily transferred to your FATblades as they use the same configuration of fixing holes as a standard snowboard. EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE With FATblades, you can wear conventional snowboard boots giving you the flexibility and comfort to get involved in the apres-ski fun and games minus the rigmarole of changing your footwear, finding a locker or having your ski boots slung over your shoulder for the remainder of the evening.
LEAD ON THE SLOPES FATblades give the rider a new and exciting method to descend all types of mountain snow terrain. The short, 80cm long blades are wide enough to be fitted with snowboard bindings and therefore snowboard boots. Whilst traveling to the slopes, FATblades are easy to carry and short and light.
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