No Hassle Travel
Being only 80cm in length and designed for snowboard boots, it’s easy to fit your FATblades and boots into a standard piece of luggage. This means that even if you’re travelling with the meanest of airline carriers (you know who you are!), you won’t get stung with extra sports equipment charges and you won’t need extra time at the airport looking and waiting for the oversize sports luggage pick-up and drop-off points. Less stress, more slope.

Dodge The Hire Queue
At peak season, the queue for snow sport equipment hire can be an long and agonizing wait of up at least a couple of hours. Especially when you’re surrounded by those who’ve sorted their skis, boards and poles out, whizzing down the surrounding slopes. Not ideal and also a huge and unnecessary expense.

Using FATblades whatever mountain you’re on in the world is a convenient liberation! No need to carry poles or be restricted as with FATblades the style of movements lend themselves to using body balancing actions to provide stability and increase speed.

Even the best fitting ski-boots are cumbersome, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to walk in. Hands up who’s sustained some form of injury off the slopes because of their ski boots?! You’ll rarely see a skier wearing their ski-boots on a late-night apres-ski. Snowboard boots are light and much more comfortable in addition to being considerably easier to walk in than ski-boots.

Flat Sections and Walks.
FATblades are short in length ground and easy to skate on… this makes FATblades excellent over flat sections and slight inclines on mountain paths and tracks. Getting around the resort becomes a breeze and binding dismounts and long walks a thing of the past!

From Travelators to Drags and Chairs to Gondolas, FATblades are easy to use on every type of mountain-sport lift.

Great on Piste, Powder and Snow Parks
Short, maneuverable and exciting to ride, FATblades have multiple advantages in all areas of the mountain resort, floating on powder with ease. Twists, turns and pirouettes all become second nature in next to no time and coupled with the freedom of quick turning, this significantly decreases the effort involved in off-piste and powder descents.

They are light, responsive, agile, and provide you with a heightened connection with the mountain through the softer nature of the snowboard boots and proximity to the snow. In icy conditions, FATblades are stable and provide the rider with excellent grip. Also lending themselves to snow-park users, their neat length and compact silhouette make them ideal for tricks and stunts.

Freestyle Your Way
Tricks, turns, twists and even pirouettes are easier to learn and perfect, and riding in between will come with ease and speed with a little practice. The unique design is optimized to achieve carving in addition to enabling short turns and traversing.

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